1) Pick a human transcript for a gene of your interest (Note: Sometimes gene names are used as a synonym for the others, so it might end up several different genes, which are highlighted in different colors)
2) Once you pick a human transcript, the homolog genes in other species will be listed. One transcript for each organism should be selected.
3) Click Analyse button
4) The numbers at the end show the total number of variants reported for that transcript (ClinVar, gnomAD, COSMIC, and TOPMed).
Non-coding Ensembl transcripts (ENST) will not show up. For example, non-coding transcript ENST00000504290 (ENST) (such as TP53; ) will not appear in the ConVarT v.1.0 version. The ConVarT v.1.0 currently shows human variants from gnomAD, TOPMed, COSMIC, and ClinVar, all of which are mapped to the GRCh37/hg19 reference sequence. So those Ensembl transcripts (ENST) that are not available in GRCh37/hg19 will not show up. We will be moving to GRCh38 in the future.
Results for Homo Sapiens
Results for Mus Musculus
Results for Caenorhabditis Elegans